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Name: Dr Inderjeet Singh
Designation: Director
ARS Discipline: Animal Physiology
Telephone(O): 01662-276631,281601
Fax: 01662-275004
E-mail: inderjeet. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Research Interests

Major research interest focuses on the study of ovarian physiology in relation to fertility and infertility in buffalo and its manipulation for optimisation of reproductive efficiency of the species. Current research efforts include study of ovarian follicular dynamics under physiological / pathological conditions and hormonal interventions together with study of genomic and physiological regulation of folliculogenesis and early embryonic development in buffalo. Other research aspects being addressed are semen biology, embryo biotechnology, stem cell technology and stress physiology.

Selected Publications

  1. Sharma, RK, JK Singh, S Khanna and Inderjeet Singh (2010). Follicular dynamics in prepubertal Murrah buffalo heifers. Indian J. Anim. Sci. 87(6): 39-42.
  2. Pawan Singh, Inderjeet Singh, Kalyan Singh, Sajjan Singh and SK Phulia (2010). Relationship of age and body weight with scrotal circumference in Murrah buffalo bulls / males. Indian J. Anim. Sci. 80(5): 418-421.
  3. RK Sharma, Inderjeet Singh and J.K. Singh (2009). Growth and regression of ovarian follicles and corpus luteum in subestrus Murrah heifers undergoing prostaglandin induced luteolysis. Indian Journal of Animal Sciences. 79 (3): 290-291.
  4. Yosef Deneke, T Nanda, PS Yadav, Inderjeet Singh and G Prasad (2008). Buffalo oocyte vitrification and their post-thaw potential for in vitro fertilization. Indian Vet. J. (8) 816-818.
  5. PS Yadav, Inderjeet Singh and RK Sethi (2008). Pregnancy rates vs. in vitro cleavage rates of homologous oocytes for bull fertility evaluation. IVJ (7): 725-727
  6. Pawan Singh, Inderjeet Singh, S Singh and RK Sharma (2006). Initial stage glycerolization prevents the incidence of backward sperm motility during cryopreservation and increases buffalo semen freezability. Indian J. Anim. Sci. 76(10): 777-779.
  7. N Rohilla, Umed Singh, RK Sharma and Inderjeet Singh (2005). Ultrasonic ovarian status in summer anestrus postpartum Murrah buffaloes. Indian J. Anim. Reprod. 26(2): 95-98.
  8. Raj Kumar, JB Phogat, Inderjeet Singh, B Kumar, Umed Singh and RK Sethi (2003). Efficacy of post-insemination progesterone supplementation for enhancement of fertility in buffaloes. Bubalus bubalis 2003 (III): 76-82.
  9. PS Yadav, Inderjeet Singh and NN Pathak (2002). Effect of sera and hormones on in vitro maturation, cleavage and development of buffalo embryos. Bubalus bubalis 2002 - IV: 57-60.
  10. Umed Singh, Inderjeet Singh and SK Khar (2002). Influence of season, age and postpartum interval on reproductive parameters of norgestomet treated anestrus zebu cattle. Indian J. Anim. Reprod. 23(2): 113-116.

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